4 frame manual stainless steel honey extractor for sale

4 frame cheap vintage manual honey extractor for sale

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Model: YMJ-04S

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Product material: Food grade stainless steel

Product details

Charactiristic of our manual honey extractor


Fully enclosed gear box:
No pollution design
Operate more easy and safe
Rotating more light and smooth
Long using life
Double beam structure 
Make the machine more durable
Avoid honey contamination caused by grinding
New design Inner frame 
New processing technology, fully consolidate, polish, easy to clean and more durable on using.
Some type use reversible design, easy to operate, more thorough and more efficient on honey separation
High quality Honey extractor body  
Seamless welding technology, more durable to use, more safe, more gorgeous
One-step forming convex bottom processing technology which helps honey easy to flow out and durable to use
Transparent plexiglas lid, it is easier to observe the status of honey split, avoid contamination and honey splash



This honey extractor specification as below:


Product name:4 Frames manual Honey Extractor
NO of Frames:4 Frames
Operation type: Manual
Reversibility:NO, but can be customized
Material:Food grade Stainless Steel
Barrel Body dimension CM:49cm*63.5cm
Frame dimension CM: 25cm*45cm
Net weight:14kg
Packing dimension CM:52cm*52cm*77cm
Packing:Paper carton and foam
Frame type: Stainless steel polished frame
Crossbeam:Reinforced crossbeam
Lid: Transparent Plexiglass lid
Bottom: One-step forming convex bottom
Hand Crank: with hand crank
Stand:with stand
Honey gate: with plastic honey gate


Before you place order, you can get 1 or 2 sample from us to check the quality first, the more you order, the more discount you will get. Please contact us get the best price. Thanks

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