About Us

ABC Beekeeping Supplies is localed in Henan Province central China, we are in apiculture for more than 25 years. Our goal is provide our costomers high quality product with best price, quality is first, service must be best!

First, we provide bee products like beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly;

Second, we supply all kinds of beekeeping equipment and tools, no matter you are beekeeping supplies or beekeeper, you will also get the best price and best service from us.

The beekeeping equipment and tools we supply as below:

Honey extractor: 2 frame to 24 frames honey extractor, manual and electric type, stainless steel, plastic, transparant glass material;

Beeswax foundation machine: the roller is made of aluminum alloy, roller length from 190mm to 500mm, manual, electric and fully automatic drive, cell size 4.9mm, 5.3mm or as your requirement;

Beeswax foundation sheet: it is made of beeswax, cheap price beeswax foundation sheet mixed paraffin wax, there also colored sheet for candle making;

Beehive and bee hive frames: they are all made of pine or fir wood, single layer and double layer beehive;

Bee hive tools: we offer all kinds of bee hive tools for beekeeping;

Honey uncapping knife: it has manual and electric honey uncapping knife, made of stainless steel;

Beekeeping smoker: manual and electric bee smoker for you to choose;

Beekeeper suit: it contain bee suit, beekeeping gloves, bee hat, which are necessary on beekeeping;

Bee Queen rearing tools: like bee queen cage, queen excluder, queen bee cell cups, queen bee marking pen, queen marking cage, grafting tools, royal jelly pen etc;

Bee brush: which is made of wooden and horsetail;

Propolis collector: which is made of plastic or wooden;

Bee hive tools: like bee hive frame spacers, beehive frame grip, beehive frame wire crimper, beehive connectors, wire embedder, and so on;

Other beekeeping tools like uncapping knife, uncapping fork, honey strainer etc;

Our main market are Australia, New Zealand, European, North America, North Africa, Asia and so on. we have more than 300 customers in these markets.

No matter if you place order from us, please feel free to contact us get some sample to check the quality first, get the wholesale price to compare with your local market. You can send inquiry to us in the below contact form or copy our contact email and send your detailed requirement. We are here for you. Thank you for your time.

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