Beekeeping technology about bee hive


Beekeeping and management tools, machines and equipment referred to bee. Bee and many wooden bee can make the best, prepare yourself. However, be sure to follow standard manufacturing, uniform specifications. Many different types of bee, beehive here only nest out and some feeding and management tools, combined with the production of other bee narrative content.
1. Bee hives 
Contains an active nest box hives (live frame beehive), is an important scientific beekeeping production tools. Application live beehive beekeeping box, which can be opened hive bees come to understand the situation honeycomb observe bees living activities, according to the needs and possibilities, the production of bee products, and facilitate its transfer to rearing.
Beehive long-term placement in the open air, to withstand rain, sun, and the bees in the hive must be active, tending bees, stored feed, so the need to use a solid beehive structure, light weight, easy to deformation of wood, but also to fully dry. Northern red pine, white pine, basswood, paulownia, fir southern appropriate.
At present, China bee keeping Europe the most commonly used standard beehive beehive is 10 frames and 16 frames horizontal beehive; rearing bee bee should use the standard beehive.
  1) 10 frame standard beehive
10 frame standard hive keeping Europe the world's most widely used bee hives. It consists of 10 nest boxes, deputy head (or sand cover), cover and divisions. When necessary in the box body (nest boxes) superimposed following box. Following the end of the beehive box and the live box body generic. Bee colonies when grown to 8-10 frame superimposed following the box, you can expand the hive timely, give full play to the queen's fecundity, cultivating strong group. King across the board can be used for educating insect nest box boxes storage area and following the distinction separating honey, help to improve the quality of honey and honey accelerated maturation.
   2) 16 beehive frame horizontal
16 boxes containing 16 standard horizontal hive nest boxes recumbent style beehive.Horizontal expansion by adding a card to the hive. You can also use the platen divided into 2-3 zones with the beehives, the implementation of multi-group feeding the same box.
   3)  Center standard beehive
Center beehive is designed for standard scientific breeding center designed beehive.
Following the use of shallow center standard beehive boxes, high 135 mm, mainly for honey storage effect. Nest nest round hole on the door several doors, a diameter of about 4 mm, can prevent mellifera drill, Pirates of the discovery of Apis mellifera bees in hives when honey following nest door closed, round hole out from the center.
These three beehive box body (nest boxes) and the inner circumference of the nest box dimensions.

   4) easy to transport beehive
Zhejiang Agricultural University transporter beehive design, especially suitable for transfer to feeding, and 10-frame structure is basically the same as the standard beehive. ① special structure inside walls of the box after box from the order of 60-100 mm tank installed at comb quick fixer; ② container body side wall lower box board, outstretched tank wall 55 mm, height 10 mm section, can be installed nest door flap, a section of its 10 mm, can be installed nest door flap, nailed on the cover, turn off the nest when the door flap, but also as a bee habitat corridors; ③ bottom from the front 120-220 mm from the edge of the window to open an emboldened with skateboards, can open and close

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