Cheap price natural organic bee milk royal jelly

Natural organic bee milk royal jelly

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Model: FCP-07

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Product material: Royal jelly

Product details

Our company is professional bee royal jelly supplier in China, we supply organic royal jelly, lyophilized royal jelly powder, lyophilized royal jelly tablet, lyophilized royal jelly capsule etc


Royal jelly specification:

Sensor :Milky White
Moisture(%)∶ 2.6
10-HDA(%): 3.2
Ash(%)∶ 3.5
Acidity(mV1o0g)∶ 97
Protein(%)∶ 36.1
Brix(%): 43.2
Aerobic bacterial count(CFU/g)∶ 1000


Before you place order, you can get sample from us. Please contact us for sample. Thanks

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