China bee wood beeswax foundation sheet mold making


Bees wax foundation sheet is very important beekeeping equipment, it can be brought or make by ourself at home, there have plastic, wooden and cement mold. Wooden type is traditional but useless at moment, this is not a while ago there were people asking how to make wood-based nest molds, read for a long time no answer, today I have time to understand the knowledge to write out, let us look at the how to make bee wood beeswax foundation mold.

China bee wood beeswax foundation sheet mold making

Now people make the mold of the bee’s wooden nest, and most of them do not make the wooden bees wax foundaiton directly, but also used to make the honeycomb foundation sheet with cement. Everyone can choose the appropriate sized wood board with a thickness of two centimeters and a width of about four centimeters. Disconnect them according to the size of your own beehive, and then combine them together, leaving only a live mouth on one side. This can be done after the nest base can be easily removed.

How to use the foundation sheet mold

A.  Before using the bee wooden nest mold must choose a smooth plane, and then put a standard beehive foundation, and then make a mold on it, the prepared cement water paste, watering to Mold inside, the upper plane to use a flat tool to smooth it, so after it is formed to take out on the water soak for about ten days.

B.  Wooden nest mold made of cement nests can not be used directly, it should make a good mold all with beeswax go again, and then to the inside of the beehive installation, self-made nest base although the cost savings, but relatively more troublesome , It is more convenient to buy the plastic bee foundation directly.


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