Common types of beehives introduction


1. 10 frame standard beehive: 10 frame standard beehive is the world’s most common habitat for raising honey in Europe, also known as Long’s beehive. It consists of 10 hive frame, box, box bottom, nest door, sub cover (or yarn cover), box cover and partition. Need to be stacked in the box when the box. The box is the same as the box of the living base. Bee group development to 8-10 box bee, the stack up the trunk, you can timely expansion of the hive, give full play to the queen’s oviposition force, culture strong group, the use of the bee queen excluder can nest nursery area and sub-box storage Honey area separated, is conducive to improving the quality of honey and accelerate the maturity of honey. In order to facilitate the transport, transfer to feed, and more use of fixed box at the end of the hive, but also in the hive and the front and rear walls of the box can be opened and closed screens.

2. 12 frame square beehives: 12 box square beehives by the former Soviet Union descendant, mainly in the northeast and northern Xinjiang use. This is a large volume of honeycomb, which is 1.5 times larger than the 10 standard standard beehive. The baseboard used to make the hive is particularly thick, usually 25 mm or more, in the cold area. 12 frame square beehives inside the size of 455 mm × 455 mm × 330 mm, also used 450 mm × 450 mm × 330 mm. Each beehive accommodates twelve 435 mm x 300 mm nest boxes with a height of 310 mm.

3. 16 box horizontal beehives: 16 frame horizontal beehives is a 16 standard nest box horizontal horizontal beehive, is to expand the honeycomb volume, by spleen can be extended to expand the honeycomb, can also be used to divide the beehives ~ 3 area, the implementation of multi-group with the box feeding.

4. Chinese bee standard box: the bee standard box is designed for scientific breeding beehives designed hives. It uses a 135 mm high shallow box, the box circumference is 420 mm long and 125 mm high.

5. Simple transfer beehive: simple transport beehives particularly suitable for feeding, the structure is basically the same as the 10 standard standard beehive.

① before and after the box wall inside the box slot 60 to 100 mm, equipped with nest spleen fast fixator.
② the lower side of the wall of the box, forward out of the box before the wall of 55 mm, 10 mm high section, can install the nest door flap, the nail on the cover, close the nest, flap, but also As a habitat of bees.
③ box from the front edge of 120 to 220 mm at the opening of a gas window, a skateboard, can open and close.


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