Current situation of beekeeping equipments


China beekeeping equipment developed very fast these years, more and more beekeeping suppliers and wholesalers in this market with all kinds of beekeeping products, it make our Chinese beekeeping industry full of vitality.

Beeswax foundation sheet production from past full handle to Mechanization and semi automation at moment.

The honey extractor material from white iron to plastic, now stainless steel honey extractor is common beekeeping equipment.

Pollen traps also develop to high effiency and environment firendly, metal wire become stainless steel wire, now copper wire also can be found.

Propolish collector grow out from nothing, all kinds of propolish collector screen, material include plastic, rubber, bamboo etc

Although Chinese beekeeping industry grow fast these years, because of the less industry foundation, so there still big disparity.

Foreign beekeepers feed bee cloud quantity several times even though more than 10 times, because of their usage of beekeeping equipments which full with Mechanization and semi automation at moment. We also use small 2 frame manual honey extractor, only 2 frame per time, in developed countries, they also use electric 8 frames, 24 frames, there also car style honey extractor which can extract 200 frame per time. We use steel uncapping knife, foreign use electric, also big automatic electric uncapping machine.


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