How to extract and save beeswax


Beeswax is a kind of bee product extracted from the honeycomb. The use of this bee product is not only edible, but also medicine and for industrial production. People usually see the beeswax is refined after the finished product, in fact, the processing of this material is not difficult, you can extract their own processing, today introduced how to save the beeswax

How to extract beeswax

1, in the extraction of beeswax can put the old honeycomb in a sack, plus a big pot inside the water to add sacks into the sack, so the water after the sacks of beeswax will melt into the water, cook half After the hour, take out the sacks and stop the heating water from the pot.

2, and other beeswax completely solidified after the removal of the beeswax to remove the bottom of the impurities, get the pure beeswax, the other multi-pot out of the sacks there are a lot of beeswax residue, we can use some tools to suppress it, pressure Out of the beeswax and then put into the pot to cook, melt the impurities removed, and then poured into the mold inside, after cooling is their own refined beeswax products.

How to save beeswax

Beeswax is a liquid solidified solid, can not be stored in the temperature is too high or too low environment, if the temperature is too high bees will be deformed or melted, and the temperature is too low, beeswax will become very crisp, right The use of unfavorable, it is best to keep it in the twelve to twenty degrees between the environment.

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