how to make a honey extractor


Now, honey extractor is a important beekeeping equipment for beekeepers to extract honey, you can buy one from the market, however, as a amateur beekeeper, it is a little waste to buy one, so I want to make a manual honey extractor at home, through my effort, succeed, feel good after trial, so I share how to make a honey extractor to you as reference.

Before make a honey extractor, there have some necessary material inculde: a barrel, An axis that can be placed in the middle of a barrel, some fasten honeycomb iron wire, and 1 mater long rope.

Before you install the axle, you need to drill a hole in the upper part of it, which is the last place to wear the rope. After playing the hole axis is arranged at the middle part of the root, close to the hole in the upper mounting parts of the fixed comb of the wire, then put the rope through fixed can be used.

Before use this homemade radial honey extractor, to put the rope in a parallel state in winding around the hole, and then put the honey comb to placed in a bucket, and wire fixed, and then pull the upper part of the rope, then you will see the honey comb in the process of turning the whole honey flow to the bottom of the barrel. If a honey is not clean, the operation can be repeated several times.

Homemade honey extractor is not good as the factory made, factory made is not expensive, as beekeeping supplies, our stainless steel 2 frame honey extractor price less than US$100, so why not buy one from us?


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