How to make beeswax foundation sheets


How do make beeswax foundation sheets, you may have this questions on beekeeping.

As we all known, the honey comb sheet have plastic and beeswax sheet, at moment, beeswax material is used very well because the bee accept it very quick, beekeeper also can extract the honey from beeswax comb. Now let us introduce how do make beeswax foundation sheets.

First, we need to prepare pure beeswax, in China some cheap beeswax sheets mixed with paraffin wax, so if you buy honeycomb sheets from China, some quotation will be cheap.

Second, prepare beeswax foundation machine, there are manual and electric beeswax foundation press, if you only for self use, we recommend you the manual beeswax embossing machine, you can save your cost on beekeeping.

Third, we should melt the beeswax and put it in mould to make it as a board, and then press it through beeswax foundation mill, and then cut the sheet to the size you need. It is very easy, right?

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