How to start Beekeeping as beginner?


Currently, beekeeping in the proportion of China’s agricultural production is growing, it not only has a good social benefits, but also has a better economic efficiency. How do beekeeping on some of my personal experiences described below, for bees early care reference.

First, recognize apiculture

(1) Investment income: the beginning beekeepers beekeeping go to the surrounding seniors understand how much to invest in raising a swarm of bees, but also how much revenue; how much a person can keep Qunfeng; harvest and the following year income differ much, the risk factor there are tall and so on. These will have to be aware of.

(2) apiculture dynamics: from the macro to understand the status of China apiculture secret future, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of China apiculture, combined with its own conditions assiduously, strive to make due contributions to China apiculture.

Second, the bee farm selection

(A) geographical location and environment: Italian bees around 600m above sea level is only suitable for farming, avoiding pollution, noise and more places. But also to create a bee flying on an empty stomach, stomachs fly under the acquisition environment, choose adequate light, quiet place to avoid a fine northerly stocking beekeeping supplies.

(B) nectar investigation: Share bees before, there is one major problem is the bee farm is surrounded by no more than two main nectar, and requires many years has assisted nectar, because only a good supporting nectar to ensure the normal bees fan support.

Three, ready bee, bee apprenticeship options

(1) Beekeeping equipment: large beehive beekeeping equipment, nest box, following boxes, from small blade, tweezers, needle moving insects, should be ready before the purchase bee, when used to relieve the urgent. For appliances, and specifications in the “Beekeeping Manual,” a book on the detail.

(2) Share Bee: first given its varieties, is raising syrup or sugar bee bee, and then according to the specific circumstances of their own family labor groups to determine the number of purchased beekeeping tools.

(3) Arts: Beekeeping key is technology, how to master the beekeeping techniques in the shortest time. I have summarized a shortcut is: In Which bee bee farm share, in Which band bee bee farm apprenticeship. Because many aspects of beekeeping techniques, not only to know the theory, but also to focus on practice. Apprenticeship with a bee can not only carry out a large number of practical and intuitive, more in beekeeping technicians under the guidance of the good purchased bees fan support, try to make the beginning of raising or less take no detours.

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