How to use bee queen excluder


Bee queen excluder is an important beekeeping equipments, the biggest function is to bee queen and bees isolated, but not to the colony accident. Whether it is in the China bee farming or Italian bee farming, every bee queen excluder has a very important position, but some greenhands did not know how to use the queen excluder, now let me introduce you how to use queen excluder

What type bee queen excluder ?

Bee queen excluder can be divided into two different types, one is the plane of the barrier plate, this partition in the nest between the nest box and the use of the most, the other is the box-type barrier plate, This can be used directly in the beehives, where you need to remind everyone that the bee and the bee’s body shape there is a certain difference in the system with the door between the size of the two is different.

What is the function of it?

The biggest effect of the queen excluder is to limit the range of activities of the queen bee in the colony, so that it is in the designated place to lay eggs. Is the king plate in the design of the time, the use of the king of the larger characteristics of the abdomen, in the separation of the board there are many gaps, these gaps can allow workers to pass freely, the queen can not pass.

How to use queen excluder?

1. In order to use the king plate, in most cases need to leave a nest in the beehives, and separated from the board to be placed between them, conducive to the queen and the workers on the body of the different body to separate them.
2. At some point, the king plate can also be used directly in the beehive, the correct use of the barrier plate can be achieved a box of groups and breeding methods. In the Lang-style beehives have a special place to install the barrier plate, people need to use the barrier plate can be directly inserted after the barrier plate.


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