How to use honey extractor


Honey bees brewed honey in the honeycomb, people want to collect honey, honey extractor is a necessary honey extraction equipment, now the honey extractor beekeeper use almost buy from the factory, there are manual honey extractor and electric honey extractor, some beekeepers is not very clear about how to use, so we share the  use methods to you as reference.

Before use honey extractor, we should strictly cleaning and disinfection, It is best to put boiling water blanched honey oil extractor, then dry moisture so that the extracted honey without any pollution from the extractor.

Get the bee hive frame from the bee box, put it on the extractor frames, make the whole honeycomb into the extractor bucket.

After put the honeycomb to the right position,  than you can shake the handle, it take the honeycomb rotating, under the influence of centrifugal force, the honey is extracted to the bucket wall and flow to the bottom, we seperate the honey from the honeycomb.

Get a clear pot or bucket, put it under the honey extractor gate, open the gate, the honey flow to the pot or bucket, than throught the honey stainer make the impurity out, when you can stock the honey to the honey use bucket or bottle.

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