Introduction of beeswax foundation machine


Today, let me introduce you how the beeswax foundation machine is created.

It is a machine which is used to make beehive foundation sheets, it was invent by J Mehring Germany, including wooden bee hives, honey extractor be called the 3 important beekeeping equipement.

The beeswax machine has manual, electric and fully automatic, the manual and electric type contain beeswax foundation press(smooth rollor) and foundation machine. The manual type drived by human hand, the electric by motor.

Wax press machine composed of tin alloy roller of a high finish and a rotating device and a base for the production. The wax or wax sheets rolled into light wax uniform thickness, smooth surface, in order to make the gin rolling out. The real eye uniform. beeswax embossing machine is composed of a pair of out nest real bottom tin alloy roller model, rotating device and a machine for light wax has rolled into neat room. The nest model base.

China use 2 kind beeswax foundation sheets, Chinese beeswax sheet and italian bee wax foundation.

Fully automatic beeswax foundation machine contain wax melting sterilizing pot, insulating pot, wax foundation embossing machine, vertical assembly knife, cooling system, transfer roller and a rotary device; the production, by melting disinfection liquid wax, injected directly into the gin mill. Then, through the vertical and horizontal cutting knife to cut into the required the size of transport packaging to the packaging station. This beeswax foundation embosser machine needs only one person management, can be produced 50 ~ 60kg per hour, high production efficiency.

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