Introduction of honey extractors


Honey extraction equipment also called honey extractor. Cut to wax cover on honey spleen sugar separation machine in rotating basket, basket, honey from the role of centrifugal force and thrown out of honey spleen. In 1865 Heru J C invented the first /honey extraction/  machine, and later developed by many people, and gradually developed into a modern honey bee extractor  commonly used.

The basic structure of honey oil extractor is composed of a barrel body, a rotating device and honey spleen. Many types of bee honey extractor, according to the power points, with manual honey extractor and electric honey extractor ; according to the capacity, there are 2 frame honey extractor, 3 frame honey extractor, 4 frame honey extractor, 8 frame honey extractor, 12 frame honey extractor…… 120 frames……

According to the materials: ordinary metal homemade honey extractor, stainless steel honey extractor, plastic honey extractor; spleen in spleen by honey honey basket arrangement in the way, a string type, semi radiation type, radiation type, windmill. The following describes only a sugar separation machine used in China at present.


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