New Zealand customer order some beekeeping equipment tools from us


Best news from our New Zealand beekeeping supplies customer order beekeeping equipment from us today, pay us 30% deposite. The ordering list as below:

4 Frame honey Extractor: This is our most featuring product which is made of stainless steel, and this honey extractor is easy to operate, quite and high quality.
Bee Brush: This bee brush is made by wood handle and horse hair. It is soft and easy to operate.
Bee Hive: This bee hive is fir wood made and the qulity is very high. This is standard 10 frames beehive with super. Total beehive can equipped with 20 units of beehive frame. It will be produced in the factory and assemble in local. This had been proved successful and cost saving.
Hive frame wire: It is make of stainless steel
Beekeeping Gloves: This is standard 100% cotton gloves and the quality is very high. Which is smooth, soft and protect your hand when operate.
beekeeping bee smoker: Made of stainless steel , Standard size with leather coil. Quality is high.
Beeswax Foundation machine: this beeswax foundation machine is manual operated. 75*195mm sized and 4.7mm for the cell size.
copper bracet
Double honey filter
Double Stainless Steel Honey Strainer
Embedder tool
Beeswax Embedder
Full beekeeping suit
Hive connector
Z type honey knife
Bending Honey Knife
Hand hold Refactormeter 
Stainless steel bee hive tools
Wooden Queen Excluder


These beekeeping equipment and tools have loaded the ship, if you also need these, please contact us through the below contact form. Thanks

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