Royal jelly storing methods


Royal jelly storing methods

Royal jelly is a kind of bee product with good health care and medical efficacy, but royal jelly also has bad place, for example, people think that royal jelly is not delicious and is not easy to save. Every day, people will be asked how long the royal jelly can be kept. There is a great relationship between royal jelly preservation time and royal jelly preservation methods.

Royal jelly is very sensitive to heat, light, air, metals, bacteria, such as royal jelly and metal chemical reaction will occur, so do not use metal containers to preserve royal jelly, should use glass, ceramic or plastic container to hold royal jelly; royal jelly can make air oxidation, so as to save the Royal jelly is isolated from the air, the seal is better; the light can make the royal jelly reducing reaction container, so save royal jelly must be dark translucent or opaque; save the greatest impact is the temperature of royal jelly, below for various preservation temperature of royal jelly save time to do this.

First, the royal jelly of the frozen storage time, a lot of people know that royal jelly to cryopreservation, about our home refrigerator freezer temperature of minus 18 degrees, the royal jelly in such a temperature, you can save 2 years or even longer time without modification, to feed larvae to grow into the queen so, the best preserved royal jelly cryopreservation.

Second, cold preservation of royal jelly, many people take royal jelly into the refrigerator freezer storage, refrigerator temperature of about 0 DEG C to 5 DEG C, royal jelly can save about 2 to 3 months at such temperatures, the royal jelly to eat or eating, can be stored on the the refrigerator freezer.

Third, save the royal jelly at room temperature, if you do not do any measures, royal jelly at room temperature can save about 3 days or so, but honey and mixed with a certain proportion, can greatly extend the preservation time of royal jelly at room temperature, the ratio of a lot to say, from 5% to 30% in a mixed proportion I often use the individual is 20%, which is 100 grams and 400 grams of royal jelly and honey mixed, and then sealed in a cool at room temperature storage, can save time not bad for 2 months or so, for without refrigeration friends.


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