The design basis of beeswax foundation machine


Beeswax foundation machine is a beekeeping equipment to make bees wax foundation, so in one hand, the beeswax foundation sheets it make must like the natural characteristics of the basement structure of the bee nest room, it acceptable for honey bees; one the other hand, as an equipment, its mechanical performance must meet the requirements of mechanical design and manufacturing. Above all, the design of foundation machine must based on natural bee nest structure and requirements for mechanical design and manufacturing;


1. Nest structure of bee’s natural honeycomb

The beehive is include many comb foundation sheet, each comb has many nest. The nest room is a basic element of honeycomb, on the same surface of the comb on many real nests close together side by side.

The worker bees nest shape real housing section is regular hexagon, this is the bees long evolution and natural selection. The hexagonal structure, not only make full use of the limited space, and the cost minimum beeswax and provides maximum strength structure.

In the West, the natural honeycomb has 700 – 950 nest rooms per square mater, however people in beekeeping agree there are 830 – 920 nest rooms(margin of the nest room is 5.3 – 5mm ), most species of worder bees has 857 nest room per square decimeter of 857 real eyes (5.1 mm margin of the nest room).


2.Requirements for mechanical design and manufacturing

The beeswax machine mainly depends on the technology about mechanical design and manufacturing sector, beeswax foundation press machine itself has the following requirements:
A. the precision and smoothness of the embossing roller or nest machine model. A tool for nest housing bottom should have higher (to prevent the beeswax stick in the septum embossing mold);
B. It should be designed with proper cooling system and lubrication system for cooling and lubrication. In the production process of roller;
C. The degree of mechanization should be higher.


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