The original 2 frame honey extractor


The barrel is made of galvanized iron drums, diameter 350mm, high 585mm, the bottom of the barrel for high 60mm and conical bucket with a honey mouth. The upper part of the barrel body is provided with two handles, a barrel body installed in the spleen of honey, beam fixed on the vertical shaft. The basket can be inserted at the same time, two pieces of honey, spleen string distribution. Honey basket barrel to spleen side is big hole wire mesh, the honey under the action of centrifugal force through the wire mesh leaving honey spleen, left the inner wall to the barrel.

The rotating device is shaken by hand, and the horizontal transmission shaft is rotated to the gear, and then the vertical driving shaft and the honey spleen basket are driven to rotate. The rotation of the honey spleen basket causes the honey in the basket to be thrown out along the poking wall by the centrifugal force.

2 frame honey extractor has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance, small volume, light weight, easy to carry, is very suitable for small migratory beekeeping, which is widely used in our country. But when the honey is separated, the honey spleen is arranged after the honey and spleen string arrangement is arranged, and the honey spleen is put forward to replace the other side, and then the separation is carried out on the other side, so the work efficiency is low.

This is honey extraction equipment of galvanized plate manufacturing, easy to rust, is one of the main causes of free heavy metal content exceed the standard in honey. Wu Benxi et al. In 1990 the successful development of pollution-free honey extractor type I and type II, has been used in our country, and exported to the United States and other countries. No pollution, honey sugar separation machine and poke basket frame, spleen and spleen, upper and lower baffle basket are made of non-toxic high strength engineering plastic, the contact part of the centrifugal honey are plastic, avoid the pollution of heavy metals in honey. The driving device is arranged in the outer barrel, a hand crank loop on the transmission shaft, not separating can be inserted in the barrel, covered with plastic cover. Beautiful appearance and generous. Centrifugals can also bee theft. The main frame of the honey spleen basket is provided with a small bearing, and the nylon gear is used for driving, and the utility model has the advantages of flexible rotation, labor saving and no noise. In addition, the main parts and wearing parts are easy to replace, the assembled, changed the original centrifugal damage due to a part of the abandoned.

It also belongs to a tangential extractor, is to solve the surface extractor must change the shortcomings and design. In addition to its other structure and a honey comb, for the same type surface. It depends on the spleen honey basket rotating shaft looped in the basket, when separating the end side of the spleen honey, honey can be spleen basket rotation 900, there is no need to produce honey spleen in surface, can be separated on the other side of the honey, work efficiency has been improved. But the barrel diameter (about 500mm} expanded a lot, large weight, inconvenient to carry.

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