What equipment needed in a bee frame?


1. Honey extractors: is the use of centrifugal force on the honeycomb honey isolated tool, stainless steel, plastic and metal decile honey machine, available beginning beekeepers honey simple wooden sub-machine.
2. Mesh: when bees are checked to prevent bee stings tool.
3. Scraper from: Kai, deputy head, pry bottom of the nest box and cleaning tool.
4. Bee sweep: is used to sweep the bees and honeycomb volts spleen visceral thing tool.

5. Wire: To 24-26 gauge wire, used to wear a nest box.
6. Nest foundation: It is made with beeswax sheets to create the spleen colony foundation.
7. Embedding device: a tool used to install nest foundation, there are wheeled, iron and electric embedding device type.
8. Box Feeder: is fed bees feed slot.

9. Wang spacer plate: It is divided into two parts of the colony, the queen limiting the space in some activity in the two parts of the worker bees space free, flat spacer Wang boards are generally limiting the queen bee nest box in the following production egg breeding, following the above box to receive pure honey. Every king bamboo or leaden plate available. Another box-type isolation king board, is to nest boxes separated into two parts.

10. Smoke control: yes town clothes and the expulsion of bees tool.
11. Wang cage: the queen is to introduce the use or temporary storage.
12. Wax light bar: yes stick wax bowl tool. When used in the molten beeswax dipped several times, prolapse is wax bowl for raising Wang.
13. Move insect needle: production of royal jelly is raised when the king, or used Pipette larvae tool.


14. Beehive: long in the open air, rain, sun, and breeding bees live in it, stored feed, so must be strong and durable, size standards, in line with the bees habits. Cabinet should choose a solid, lightweight, easily deformed wood. Northern red pine, white pine, linden tree, Paulownia, South fir appropriate.

   A. 10 frame standard hive: the world's most commonly used beehives, also known as Lang's beehives by 10 nest box, box body, bottom, door panels, deputy cover (or yarn cover), cover and separator composed of nest boxes requires dissecting the following box. In the colony developed to 8-10 box, can be added following the box in the middle with every king board, divided into the sterile insect nest box area and following the honey storage tank area, help to improve the quality of honey.
   B. 16 Horizontal frame beehive: nest containing 16 standard frame Horizontal beehive. Spleen can be added to expand through horizontal hive, can also be separated into 2-3 gate area with the beehives, the implementation of multi-group feeding with boxes.

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